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An Enjoyable Starting Point 

It is popularly said that “food is the most important to people”. Nowadays, food is more than just food. It could bring joy, excitement or even  happiness that relieves all of your burdens and stresses. Cooking is  difficult when you have no clue how to do it. In ABC Cooking Studio, what you could learn here is Japanese cuisine. I was lucky to join one of their special trial lessons, “Ohayo Tasty Japan”, which was only available to 60
participants. The ingredients used, such as gluten-free udon, black beans, yuzu juice, wasabeads (wasabi pearls) and others were freshly imported from Hyogo, Kochi and Shizuoka so we could experience the local taste of Japan. The lesson was a two-hour long session, split into groups of 4 and led by a Malaysian English-speaking instructor. Throughout the session, we made 5 dishes – avocado cream cheese with wasabi dressing, cold chicken pho with gluten-free udon, wasabeads inari, yuzu karaage, and gluten-free 8-grain pancake. I would like to share some recipes that I found easy and interesting to make at home.

At ABC Cooking Studio, you need no prior experience to learn.
The instructor will guide you step-by-step and explain the process throughout the session. If you encounter any questions during the session, feel free to ask the instructors – they are well-trained to answer the questions you face throughout the process of learning. The environment of the studio is well-equipped with cooking equipment, and has a comfortable ambience. After your lesson, you will receive an original illustrated recipe which is developed by their professionals in Japan. You could follow the recipe at home, practice, and make it perfect. It was a very pleasing experience and I hope it could be your experience as well in the near future.

Yuzu Karaage

① Mix potato starch and corn starch together for batter.
② Slice the stem of shishito and cut a slit on the shishito.
③ Cut the chicken thigh into 8 pieces and place into a plastic bag, then add yuzu juice, mirin and dashi stock. Mix well until there is no moisture and let it set for 30 mins in the chiller.
④ Heat oil to 170°C and fry the shishito.
⑤ Deep fry chicken coated with batter in oil at 170°C for 3 mins. Then, remove the chicken and leave the leftover oil to cook.
⑥ Fry the chicken again with oil heated to 180°C for 1 min.
⑦ Place on a plate and garnish with shishito.

Avocado Cream Cheese With Wasabi Dressing

① Cut cherry tomatoes into half.
② Cut avocado and cream cheese into 1cm cubes. Drizzle lemon juice on avocado to prevent oxidation.
③ Mix noodle sauce base (mentsuyu),  mayonnaise, wasabi paste and add with cherry tomatoes. Mix well.
④ Place in a bowl and sprinkle bonito flakes on top.

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