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Jomon Pottery Class By Ryujiro Oyabu 


Pottery classes conducted by a graduate of Tokyo University of The Arts, undergraduate and graduate schools. An artist with past exhibitions in London, whose work continues to explore the mysterious power of nature. Sign up for a hands-on Jomon Pottery making experience!

The artist lectures on the ancient Japanese Jomon Period and its significance historically, culturally and spiritually. For the Hands-on part, he provides materials and assists participants in making Jomon pottery in addition to traditional Jomon rope and sculpting tools to keep!

Important note
All tools will be provided.
All works are collectable a few weeks after the workshop ends at CUBE_1.(Further details will be informed on the workshop day)
One full session is scheduled 150 minutes maximum. (Part one: lecture, Part two: making pottery)



Dates & Time
(Sat) 22nd, (Sun) 23rd July

Class Fee
Student :RM180
(Student Pass or ID required)
* Children under 13 must be attended by an adult.

Venue & Ticket Counter
(ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur)