Fujiwara Tofu Shop

Seafood Hot Pot

Fujiwara Tofu Shop — Big in Japan

Fujiwara Tofu Shop sits at the end of a row of warehouses, hidden from view unless one knows exactly where to look. Fans of the wildly popular Initial D comics will have no trouble recognising its exterior — an almost one-to-one recreation of the eponymous store from the story. What’s inside is quite different though, as instead of a traditional Japanese tofu shop, just past the entrance is a veritable mecca for Initial D fans. Half of the walls are adorned with iconic two-page black-and-white spreads of cars drifting on narrow mountain roads. Flags and banners of racing teams in the comics deck the remaining half. Model cars and figures sit in glass cabinets for diners to look at, and arcade machines are available for those who want to be more hands-on with their love of Initial D.

While Fujiwara Tofu Shop might look like nothing more than a place for Initial D fans to gather, this restaurant’s menu is definitely not to be dismissed. If it wasn’t obvious from the name of the restaurant, tofu is the main attraction, and is a component of most of the dishes they serve. In this review we will be taking a look at a few standouts from their menu.

A recent addition to their menu is their Seafood Hot Pot, served to you piping hot on a portable stove. Tofu, sweet corn, oysters, scallops, clams, prawns, cabbage, carrots and mushrooms, all in one pot of clear seafood soup (which can be refilled free of charge). The seafood is fresh and juicy, the vegetables retain their crispiness even after soaking up the soup, and the mushrooms are large and chewy. This hot pot can be paired with either udon or rice, making this a warm and hearty meal either for 1, or a great dish to share between 2 or more.

Black Tofu

For snacks, there’s their signature Black Tofu, a healthier alternative to standard fried tofu. The crispy tofu skin is coated with a special fried batter made using edible charcoal powder and a secret blend of spices, giving it a unique smoky flavor. The dipping sauce contains garlic and chili flakes, while the main ingredients are a (also secret) mix made in-house. It’s a dangerously addictive comfort food — slightly crunchy on the outside, chewy and smooth on the inside, and tangy with a hint of spice when dipped in sauce.

For dessert, Fujiwara Tofu Shop goes back to basics with their Tofufa, the Chinese soybean tofu custard we all know and love. Like in the previous dishes, the tofu is silky smooth, while the syrup underneath is pleasantly sweet without being too overbearing. This makes it a very satisfying follow-up to the stronger flavors of the Black Tofu served prior, letting you end your meal with a mildly sweet aftertaste.

Diners who are cautious they’d feel out of place in a restaurant so unabashedly passionate about their love for Initial D can be rest assured, as it’s perfectly alright to just come for the food. No matter what you decide to order, the tofu used in their dishes is consistently high quality, as can be expected from a restaurant that proudly includes it in their name. From the most die-hard fan to the average joe, one can’t really go wrong with Fujiawara Tofu Shop!


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