Doraemon Fushigi Science

Book Highlight MALAYSIA

Did you know that the year 2012 was the 100th Anniversary of Doraemon? In Malaysia, Doraemon was made into an animated TV series in 1992 and Doraemon books was published in 1993. Ever since, Doraemon has been widely loved by the kids but also the adults.A series of books called “Doraemon Fushigi Science” (Doraemon mysterious science) has started on September 2012. The 1st issue comes with “Flying Doraemon hand generator Take-copter” as a supplement that you can learn the structure of Take-copter by assemble it. Each subsequent issue also has an attractive and informative supplement. This monthly series of books are sold at our store and also our on-line shop “Bookedweb MALAYSIA”

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