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Image and Matter  by Yoichi Ochiai Cyber Arts and Science towards Digital Nature

Born in Tokyo, Yoichi Ochiai has intimate and firsthand knowledge of the subculture and industrial culture of Japan. What conception led him on the trajectory of bringing about art works from design engineering? This exhibition showcases the concept of Digital Nature that envisages an ecosystem of media and humanity as well as beautiful representations that exist between images and materials, through experience-and information-based exhibits.

・This exhibition will be the first personal exhibition held in Malaysia featuring the works of Yoichi Ochiai, a media artist and a young researcher who has attracted attention worldwide as a winner of the World Technology Network (WTN)’s 2015 World Technology Award commending the world’s leading researchers in technology.
・Yoichi Ochiai envisions a world of Digital Nature, where humanity, nature and digital resources (computers) are connected seamlessly. This exhibition offers an opportunity to experience all the works of Yoichi Ochiai (approximately 20 works), who has published many notable research results.
88en-ochiai-image■Profile of Yoichi Ochiai
Yoichi Ochiai (JP), born in 1987, is a media artist and assistant professor of University of Tsukuba and Head of its Digital Nature Group. He holds a PhD in Applied Computer Science from the University of Tokyo. He works on new inventions and research through a mixture of applied physics, computer science, and art. He has a strong interest in post-pixel multimedia and conducting research towards his vision called Digital Nature an alternative perspective of nature and humanity in the post ubiquitous computing era. He has received the Innovative Technologies Prize from METI Japan, the World Technology Award from WTN, and many more.


Dates: Dec. 11th, 2016(Sun)
Jan.14th, 2017(Sat)
Open: 11am – 9pm (last 8:30pm)
* Admission until 30 minutes before closing time
Entrance Fee:
Adult (18 years & above) RM30
Youth (13-17 years) RM15
Child (12 years & below) free
* Including GST
Venue: CUBE_1 (3F ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur,Lot10)