Joey Sheon aka JoJo Himemiya, one of Malaysia’s foremost Cosplayers

Cosplay, known as one of the fastest growing trends in Japan, has become popular all over the world. People are going out of their way to dress up as their favorite characters from different Manga comic books to movie characters. They go to the extent of dying their hair color, getting their make-up done professionally, investing in expensive costumes for reenacting their characters during Cosplay events. Cosplay in Malaysia has been here since 2004 and its popularity has been growing rapidly over the years. Many Cosplayers have even turned their hobby into a full-time Clipboarder.2016.04.20-016working job.

Joey Sheon aka JoJo Himemiya, a 21 year old student from Taylors University is one of Malaysia’s foremost Cosplayers and costume makers. Her hobby as a Cosplayer began when she was 16 years old. Since young, she has always had interest in dressing up and role-playing different characters. Her fi rst ever style she loved was the gothic Lolita style, which was the start to one of her infl uences. Most of her inspirations came from her mother who fi rst introduced her into the world of Anime and the popular Japanese fashion. While her interest towards Japanese culture grew bigger, she began her hobby as a Cosplayer after attending her fi rst Cosplay event here in Malaysia. Having had more experiences in the culture of Cosplay, she soon decided to expand her hobby by opening up her very own online costume making shop called ‘Alpha Costume Service’.

Being a student in Malaysia does not come easy. Unlike other countries, not many students wClipboarder.2016.04.20-015ork to earn their own allowance or expenses. On top of that, paying for good education here in Malaysia does not come cheap. Living as a student in Malaysia, she realized the only way she could have proper education was to work to earn money for her university. Having gained a huge number of publicity on social media, Joey has more than 24K likes on her Facebook page. Ever since then, with the help from her online shop, she has been successfully handling her company well while taking her diploma at Taylors University. To her luck, her mothers friend who is an ex fashion designer does all the magic in creating all kinds of different costumes. Without the proper skills in designing and recreating parts of the costume, designing a costume becomes very diffi cult when trying to make it look exactly the same. It usually takes up 1 to 2 weeks to fi nish making one costume, but depending on the design. The fabrics that are used to make these costumes are ordered from other parts of the world, due to Clipboarder.2016.04.20-014the fabrics in Malaysia being very limited. Although they might face diffi culties in creating these costumes, Joey and her team never disappoints in making her customers smile.

While Cosplay culture is growing in Malaysia, there are many events to attend if you are a Cosplay fanatic! Comic fi esta, Animangaki and ANIMAX are the biggest Cosplay events held frequently every month in Malaysia, with a number of 30,000 people visiting each event. With the help from Alpha Costume Service, Cosplayers in Malaysia will have the opportunity to live up to their Cosplay hobbies.


Joey Sheon aka JoJo Himemiya
FB : Jojohimemiya