Chiba Ramen

Chiba Ramen

Chiba Ramen
Bang for Buck

Nestled between several old shoplots is Chiba Ramen, an unassuming store next to a hairdresser’s and a bubble tea shop. Before the pandemic, Chiba Ramen used to serve around 300 bowls of ramen daily, with long queues outside being a common sight despite the store’s location. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what’s in store!

If there’s one thing Chiba Ramen prides itself in, it’s the taste of their noodles. Thanks to the owner’s wealth of experience, their menu punches way above it’s own price range, letting even more people experience authentic Japanese ramen on a shoestring budget. With a well thought out combination of local and Japanese ingredients, and a preparation process that doesn’t take any shortcuts, you’d be hard-pressed to find other ramen stores with the same level of value for money.

The most-ordered ramen on their menu is their Tonkotsu ramen – noodles and pork in a broth made of chicken and pork. It’s deceptively simple: the soup is lovingly crafted through a 7 hour process using pork and chicken bones, giving it a light profile and just a hint of saltiness. There’s generous portions of meat as well, letting you soak up the soup along with the noodles. The soup is MSG free too, so there’s no shame in gulping it all down once you’re done with the noodles!

Fans of spicy food would be impressed by the Spicy Tonkotsu ramen, which is the same as the above but with a spicy soup. The addiditon of minced chicken meat makes it reminiscent of Chinese Dan-dan noodles, but otherwise it’s authentic Japanese ramen through and through. The spice is sharp and fragrant, which is sure to satisfy chilli afficianados!
Chiba Ramen also has donburis and other sides on their menu, with notable mentions including their gyoza, potato salad and tonkatsu. While they have a wide selection of drinks for customers to wash down their meals, the bubble tea shop next door is a popular next stop for diners.

For those who can’t make it to Chiba Ramen, there are a multiple deliver options so you won’t miss out on ramen that’s full of soul, yet light on your wallet. Regardless, you’re still recommended to experience their noodles hot and fresh, for the best possible experience!

No. 105 Blk P/F Taman Cheras, Lorong Durian, 56100 KL
9am-7:30pm (closed on Thursdays)
011-1182 2281
Facebook: chibaramen

*For deliveries: Hungry, Easy Eat, Beepit
Delivery on demand also available.