Bari-Uma Ramen

Bari-Uma Ramen

Bari-Uma Ramen
Dinner Brought to Your Doorstep

As eateries across the country no longer allow dine-in patrons, more and more businesses are now allowing takeaway or delivery options. While times are tough, ramen fans would be glad to know that they’d still be able to quench their cravings by getting their noodles delivered to their doorstep! With a thick, flavorful soup made from high quality pork broth, as well as choice ingredients flown abroad from Japan, Bari-Uma Ramen gives patrons the opportunity to enjoy authentic Japanese ramen from the comfort of their home. Without further ado, let’s see what they have in store!

The Ajitama-Uma ramen is their most ordered dish in the menu – pork-flavored soup with thick char siew cuts, with the meat imported from Germany and Spain. The noodles are springy and soak up the soup well, guaranteeing that the savory goodness of the broth is in every mouthful. The takeaway containers used separated the noodles and the meat with the soup, to preserve the taste of the dish as much as possible while it’s being delivered.

You can order from Bari-Uma Ramen through their own delivery service, with set meals available. You can also order side dishes like salad and karaage as well!

Lot 7.101.01 & S7.101.00, Level 7, Elite Pavilion, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
11am – 9pm
017-732 0264