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Tottori: the Birthplace of ‘Kitaro’ and ‘Conan’

Tottori is a prefecture located in the western of Honshu facing the Sea of Japan, belongs to

Souvenirs exchanged between Apple Vacations Deputy-Group Managing Director Dato'Sri Koh Yock Heng(right), Governor of Tottori Prefecture Shinji Hirai(left). The photo was taken during a FAM trip to Tottori on Janurary 2015.

Souvenirs exchanged between Apple Vacations
Deputy-Group Managing Director Dato’Sri Koh Yock
Heng(right), Governor of Tottori Prefecture Shinji
Hirai(left). The photo was taken during a FAM trip to
Tottori on Janurary 2015.

Sanin region. Tottori is famous for ‘Kitaro’ which is well known by Japan. The entire city including the airport, railway stations, streets, hotels, etc., are all made into a world of monsters! Kitaro has gone viral here. It can be found everywhere, becoming a tourist attraction, and also a local culture.

Meanwhile ‘Detective Conan’ which is born in Tottori Prefecture, has also made the comic fans around the world to travel here, to the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory (commonly known as Detective Conan museum).

Tottori is known as the kingdom of hot spring, and is quite well known in Japan. Among the ten hot spring resorts in the prefecture, the ‘Misasa hot spring’ with over 800 years of history is the most representative one.

Tottori has the ‘Japan’s largest sand dunes’. Located at the western of Sanin Coast National Park. The largest sand dunes is as wide as 16 km

Totori is famous for its onsen.

Totori is famous for its onsen.

from east to west, 2 km from north to south, spreading over the land. Tottori Sand Dunes organizes the ‘Sand Sculpture Festival’ every year, where famous sculpture artists around the world will create high standard sand sculptures. In addition, the travelers who come here may walk through the dunes, or go for a camel ride, which is also a good choice.

Tottori’s “Matsuba crab” is also very well known, recognized as the most delicious Japanese crab. Also, the locally famous ‘Tottori Nijisseiki Pear’.

The Nijisseiki pear has a beautiful, soft and thin yellow-green skin, medium-sized fruit; delicate and crispy fl esh, juicy and refreshingly sweet.

Tottori sand dune

Tottori sand dune

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