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Ghibili Museum Entrance

Too frequently a tongue is tied as their stride stutters while striving to conform to perceptions of perfection. Many of us choose to avoid our deep passions because we are afraid it won’t be fl awless. To break this overbearing societal spell, I often like to get my feet moving and take a walk. Fortunately for those living in Japan, Japanese have honed the ability to develop soothingly contoured spaces. One such location that inspired me to follow my own bliss is Ghibli Museum located in Western Tokyo’s Inokashira Onshi Koen. Broken up into four segments that consist of cultural nature garden and sport facilities named Gotenyama, a small temple dedicated to the vengeful goddess of love Benzaiten, lake area for couples to take swan shaped peddlers out for a spell and an area that host vendors, artists and various performing buskers is the park grounds. By far my highlight was a special visit to the Ghibli Museum. It’s no easy feat to get tickets, and it is highly recommended you preorder them well in advance, I won’t strike the fear of God into you by telling how my tickets were procured. Studio Ghibli is the extension of the imagination of animator Hayao Miyazaki who designed the museum himself using the same methods he used to develop his animated fi lms. He tapped infl uences from sources in European architecture and sought to create an all-encompassing space that created a fi ne art experience completely enveloping visitors in the Ghibli dimension. The museum has a variety of exhibits and facilities highlighting innovations in animation, their own techniques and the studios own contribution to the industry. Experiencing the mock artist / animator stations that held collections of original sketchbooks, reference books and important tools was like experiencing the parting of the sky after a heavy storm. To be able to pick up and fl ip through original art sketchbooks, smell the colored penci

Ghibili Museum Roof Top Garden

l and feel the space that these folks worked in offered a glimpse into what felt like a private club. The complete removal of pretensions, allowing any one to hold books artists spent hours or days over is a complete 360 from any other fi ne arts museum I’ve visited, and by far more inspirational. Public spaces are everywhere if we open our eyes, and the growing global trend to take more care with such acts as guerilla gardening bring a new inspiration. Creativity can be visible, touchable and a fl uid part of our community. The smallest corner can release a visual massage. Miyazaki’s Ghibili museum is a massage to my spirit, and I highly recommend you pay a visit.

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  1. Studio Ghibli
    Ghibili Museum Entrance
    Too frequently a tongue is tied as their stride stutters while striving to…