Andrew’s world in Japan 2017/June

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Affordable Fine Art Photography Prints For All


It is the simple road I often find fraught with complications. My vision regularly blurred as to the path offering the best option. More than likely, again, I overthink the best play instead of just following my initial gut instinct. Well, regardless, I give thanks that so often, regardless the direction chosen, benefits arise for those open to these course alterations. Let’s take photography for example. The high schooled I was accepted to attend offered as part of the curriculum some basic training. Each student made a pinhole camera and used it to fulfill various assignments before moving on to a more technical 35mm camera. Years later, I found myself called to pick up a camera again and begin documenting my visions. The world around me offered a special source of material for creating paintings, drawings, etchings and anything else I could imagine. Today, it is much the same and it is encouraging to learn about YellowKorner.

In a special corner of Tokyo resided the temporary space for YellowKorner’s antenna shop. Freshly redeveloped Marunouchi was an ideal location to share special limited edition photo books and photography. You can choose from a range of highly regarded rigorously selected quality prints signed and numbered with a quality certificate from the photographer. What began in 2006 Paris, France with the goal to democratize art photography, selling fine art prints affordably, has exploded around the globe in only 10 years time. Founders Alexandre de Metz and Paul-Antoine Briat continue to bring together leading photographers along with generating opportunities encouraging younger photographers. Now, while I don’t fully understand what is the cut-off point between young and old, I can say that on this particular day, I would consider the exhibiting photographer, Joji Shimamoto, to be a strong young up and coming photographer.

YellowKorner has been running a special series with the United Kingdom’s classic children’s book series ‘Mr. Men Little Miss.’ These are a series of fable type stories built around a specific character trait. Each character embellishes a specific feature, like friendliness, sneezing, sleepiness or hunger. The photos of Mr. Shimamoto occur in the street and often capture youth culture, music and skateboarding. He is always on the lookout for that active eye-catching moment. The characters from the book series were incorporated into each of his selected images according to their persona.

As at most exhibition launches, well, those that are a lot more inviting, there was a generous offering of champagne, small bites, and inquisitive faces. Sounds about the right mix of the basic essence of any exhibition opening, right? Mr. Shimamoto was there, mingling with friends and attendees, signing and numbering limited numbers of prints, posing for photos and encouraging collectors to pick up any of the many works available around the gallery. Events such as these are vital for exposure along with fostering opportunities to better understand both the artist and the company, in this case, YellowKorner. They awaken the bold spirit of being able to afford fine artworks.

Although currently, YellowKorner’s Tokyo antennae shop has closed their doors, I am encouraged to note they say it is only temporary. They say remodeling is already underway for a new location. As they continue to expand around the globe I hope young people may be pushed towards taking the art of photogr

aphy more seriously. Sure, it may seem today that for the first time, art has been democratized with the mobile phone and its apps and gadgets. Yet taking pictures and selecting which preset works best is not the same as making a conscious decision to hone the art of photography and encourage the finer part of that medium. The practice must begin somewhere, and for many now, it is with the access to amazing digital photos in the accessible mobile devices. In the meantime, look out for the new destination of YellowKorner, visit it and find ways to purchase and support the artists and their


works around you.