Andrew’s world in Japan

Trees, Bee’s & Yakitori’s

Weary minds are good at playing tricks on you, but when I’m in Japan, sleep is the last thing on my mind. For those urban explorers on the move, fuel is a crucial component for continued discovery. The legions of savory options could form new planetary atmospheres in Tokyo. On this particular sleepless night, after multiple stops at different izakayas, and a ramen spot, the highlight stands an unlikely fist pumping victor next to some trees. Well, only unlikely for this and those non Tokyoites. Let’s just stand here for a moment, at the entrance to Inokashira park. Oh no, you say? We’re back at Kichijoji. Well, yes, that is correct. When you arrive, you’ll laugh, noting what set’s a beautiful city apart from the pack. Wait, surging into my nostrils is the reason we are standing here now. That wonderful smoky eruption of meat over fire. And I’m wondering if I’ve tasted all the greatest things on earth. All I knew while standing at that very point was that I wanted to eat as many as the yen in my pocket would allow. Fortunately, I’m with friends, because at RM 3 to 10 per stick, the long distance run is barely three steps. Together we shared a variety of tebasaki, tsukune, shiro and the crowd favorite, hatsu. Launched in 1928, the beginning of this legendary yakitori grill is much clearer in time then my memory of this night. Just in case you are planning to visit soon gaining that authentic first hand experience, numerous transportation options are at your disposal. My recommendation is you borrow a bike, if not from a friend, make a new one with a kindly stranger. Get your pedal on. You’ll need the exercise after all that gorging, or wait, you’re gonna wash dishes, right?

Andrew Artist & researcher based in KL since 2009, passionately exploring the creative process & connecting with other creative people.