Andrew’s world in Japan 2017/July

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A Walk In The Park


Tickle your vitamin D stores and get out in the sun. Parks can be massive chunks of nature or small respites carved into an ever-expanding mass of urbanity. Welcome to this amazing space where only your imagination sets the limits, the park. The first parks are believed to have been created by rich land holding aristocrats, royal families and the like. From the growth of the modern city, parks have continued to play a valuable role. Consider for a moment the abundant benefits of this accessible public nature preserve. I wont bore you with a list, so you’ll need to make your own. It is the perfect place to step into an adventure in your mind. Bring a blanket, picnic basket filled with delicious goodies and exercise your senses.

Out for a stroll, it doesn’t matter so much the specifics of w here, as anywhere is a treat and on any given day, the vibe can be different. Some drinks and camera in hand, I lean back to take in the scene. Others, like me, breath in the fresh air, listen to the crashing fountain and shrieks of giddy laughter. A band of young trendsetters play with flashy new cruiser skateboards, lovers stroll hand in hand, some stare up at the clouds while too many stare into the mobile phone. Alone or with friends, you are in good company.
As you take in all the amazing sites and sounds, you may realize the secret (or is it secrets) of life. There’s no need for any special invite. Just Google map, or use any map or search engine to seek out a large green space in your near vicinity. While sitting taking photos of the place, a strange looking creature walks into frame. Actually, two guys walking, one is wearing a kind of pigeon rubber mask. Dressed in a suit and red tie, is this some kind of social statement being made? The beginning of a public art performance? I half expected everyone in the park to take out their mask and put it on after the second guy brings one out and wears it. Most people don’t seem to take notice or be bothered. They carry on with what they’re doing. Feels extremely strange, that in todays age, a visit to the park could feel so surreal.

A woman walks up and asks me a question about the Israeli / Palestinian situation, sign something. My friend isn’t to happy about the intrusion. The spell is broken. Ah well, it would seem it is time to move on.