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Time Sensitive Urban Spaces, Commune 246

This article is time sensitive. By the time you read this, it is too late. When I sat down to write, there is exactly 2 days, 5 hours and 34 minutes remaining. Of what you ask, not the end of the earth right? The countdown started when Commune 246’s ‘Curating the City’ campaign launched. Special elements like the Midori.so2 Gallery and Freedom Univ make this project much more than you average food carts area. En route to a friends exhibition, my friend Alma introduced me to her current favorite corner of Minami Aoyama.
A look around, stepping off the bustling shopping mecca into the courtyard of Commune 246 stunned me, was I back in Portland, Oregon? Had the food truck haven been upgraded? Abuzz with people bubbling over in energetic fervor, we made our way through to her spot for vegan goodness. For years now, a dedicated vegetarian, Almas has spoken about the difficulties of finding places in Tokyo that can cater to her tastes. CORI. is her answer. Even though this zone is going to change in just a matter of days, it’s a sure bet that these restaurants will continue to exist. Some already have expanded in other locations. CORI. has been serving natural goodness since 2010. She knew straight away that she was going to order their falafel sandwich, but gave me a chance to have a look about.

The space feels immense and cozy at the same time. You can see on the map just how many options there are which is quite a lot. It is a bit of a maze. In the rear was a neat little gallery space where an exhibition of works by Ryunosuke Matsui and Karan Singh entitled ‘Detour’ were on display. Fortunately for the time crunch, there wasn’t much art because I would have took forever.

We managed to secure a nice table in the rear near the gallery entrance. The space was brightly lit with abundant vegetation pumping the air with those good vibes. Many of the menu’s change daily depending on what’s the freshest they’ve procured. At CORI. they use no meat, no egg, no milk, strictly vegetables. If you’re not a vegetarian, no worries as there are plenty of other delicious looking options. I can’t vouch for them, as I did not try, but there’s Thai, Indian, fresh fish, ribbon fries and tons of variety more. The falafel sandwich I had tasted great and left me wishing I had time to try more.

Another part of the space that I saw from afar was Freedom Univ. This is a space that appears to house a library of resources and they proclaim the motto to learn greatly and live freely. All in all, this was a fantastic space that I can totally envision myself at regularly. Next time you visit Tokyo, look to see what this has become. I am very sure it can only get better.