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Language of Observation – Part1

Watching and observing seems to be what I do naturally. My father has mentioned on numerous occasions that as a baby, before even walking or talking, to remove me from the scene of the action was a sound bomb. Screaming and crying I would not be quiet until back somewhere I could view the goings on again. Not to suggest this had something to do with being the center of attention, just having a comfortable position to view interactions of the guests. Body language and facial expressions have always been crucial in my understandings. Even today, if I am unable to meet with someone directly I don’t believe we’ve actually communicated properly. Without that information, I feel a huge level of uncertainty. As I take note of this, sitting at the borrowed desk of my friend Hiro. He’s been gracious enough to let me stay at his cozy Tokyo apartment for the duration of my visit. Close quarters make it quite glaringly obvious these body language statements I am referring to.
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While visiting my friend Hiro, a young Japanese man who lived several years in Malaysia, I am reminded of so many experiences. Short encounters with someone recently, two young ladies struggling to determine what and how to go to KLCC from KLIA2 for a quick visit during an extended layover. A lot of their dilemma I read from their facial expressions and body language. Brief exchange of words confirmed their situation and gave me an opportunity to make some recommendations. I’ve certainly been in similar kinds of situations and always appreciate a helping hand. Some people have suggested I hold a good “ear” for language. Sure, I can recreate some sounds that seem accurate repetitions, but that doesn’t mean I am a good language learner. My language studies at the university were initially horrendous. If I hadn’t spent a lot of time among people living their language, certainly my skills would not be there.

To be continued.