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A Look Back : Snacks Part 2





During preparations for my first international excursion, the initial voyage to Japan for Jr. International Art Camp, it went without question to shop for and confirm space in my luggage for snacks along side the other compulsory Oregon state representative gifts. I could have been an ambassador of trail mix to Japan, or the world for that matter. If it is an Oregon thing or just how my family was I can’t really say for certain. The ‘Made In Oregon’ shop carried the delicious marionberry syrup, Red Mill pancake mixes, dried fruits, chocolates, hazelnuts and plenty more. It was my duty as well as honor to represent Oregon through our snacks. Wow, apparently I was ‘snack man’ even before my baseball teammates made it official.

Fast-forward to two weeks ago, visiting Singapore for a meeting with Detention Barracks arts space owner Beng to review pieces I’m working on for an upcoming exhibition. While in town this time around it was a must to visit Takashimaya. My green tea game needed a re up on lives and I wanted an excuse to visit this massive high-end department store. Japan may just be one of the best places for snacks. Takashimaya brings an opportunity to tap into this. One of the most common alternative snacks is the ‘senbei’ or rice cracker. Not like the puffed boring Styrofoam like patties sold in the US of A. The variety is immense. The second most common worldwide today is Pocky. Flavors specialized for local taste buds make them a new experience wherever you go. The chocolate are probably the best. Another, very similar to mochi is ‘kididango.’ History traces this back to the town in its name Kibi and sustains a long history of appearances in Japanese culture and literature.



82EN-Andrew-IMG_2577_editOn the way to buying some fresh green tea – my stated main purpose for going – we were invited to sample the snacks great for accompanying some beers or sake. Without a doubt I wanted to walk away with all. Luckily I practiced a bit of restraint by only purchasing four packages. The wasabi rice crackers were the take away hit.

It seems that I still lack proper appreciation for snacks as my outright intention was to buy tea, but I ended up buying abundantly more snacks. Even my stock of photos lacks pictures of snacks, which is funny as I was most likely munching during most of my photo sessions. Never the less, if you’re not able to take a trip to Japan, you can often find interesting Japanese snacks in specialty areas of supermarkets and sometimes even snack stores. Have fun and do not go hungry.