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WWW is about music in Shibuya ②

Sound is a gateway to our worlds, our cultures and our minds. As a new day dawns, and the sun slowly stretches out, morning creatures perform a concert that express their ever evolving relationships. What happens is unpredictable, their could be an audible argument [car tires screeching, car alarms blaring] or sweet lullabies that encourage continued slumber [the purring of a cat, the pitter patter of rain drops]. Together these form a framework that could comprise any collection of musicians, generally referred to as a band. As promised in the previous article, I want to share some words more on the performer then the venue. So I’d like to clue you in on some of Japans sound makers, and in particular those who I witnessed on May 17th in Tokyo’s WWW club. The main performer in this instance is DJ Krush or Hideaki Ishi.

In the realm of live performance venues, all elements characterize what make a good show; lights, sound and actions. Musicians practice hours, days, years. They want to remain excited by what they are doing as much as the audience. DJ Krush’s unique creations leap far beyond average turntablism to reveal an alternate sunrise. He began sending waves through the Japanese music scene in the early 90’s. I believe it is more of a Japanese characteristic to put every inch of one’s being into what they are doing. Maybe it emanates from bushido, from Buddhism or it’s just a component of their culture, I really don’t know. But a musician is expected to put as much knowledge, love and effort into what they create as the master sushi chef at Tuskiji Market.

Toshinori Kondo Live at WWW

This performance at WWW had an all star jazz ensemble cast. Krush was joined on stage by Bill Laswell on bass, Toshinori Kondo on the horn and Hideo Yamaki on drums. They have collaborated before on different tracks and some albums. Certainly they have jammed before. This time was like the dawning of a new sun casting beams of light onto jungle characters that are each kings in their own right. These guys brought a jungle’s din to fi ltered brilliance. The sounds of trumpets, drums, keyboards / piano with the layers of production Krush employs defi nes their sound. They employ balance and story telling with highs and lows along with off beat syncopation of jazz. You don’t really need to see them to be in acoustic awe, although it is refreshing to see these artists perform with such energy and genuine respect on stage where more often then not, the musicians are battling for recognition.

The acoustic caterings DJ Krush delivers go well beyond this live performance. I encourage you to explore him in greater depth yourself. Treat yourself to something special. He is as excited as ever and says that for 2013 he’s “thinking that do not waste a moment of my time what days not sure what will happen.”

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