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A Look Back : Snacks Part 2





I have been called a few things in my life, one of those names was ‘snack-man.’ Life seems to support my, by all evidence, completely natural penchant for munching on small bites over the course of a day. Sometime during high-school the nickname was spoken often by my baseball teammates. It’s possible the snacking practice came from popcorn during movies. Could be about the timing. Most games were grating against normal dinner times, so the only method to cull the stomach was via snacks. On a recent trip to Singapor81EN-Andrew-IMG_5677_edite I was reminded of this. My love of snacks remains true.

Usually mom would make available seemingly healthy items for us to take. It was left up to us to manage that after she handled the purchases. Trail mix was most common and pretty popular. In my possession would be a large quantity of a blend containing peanuts, almonds, raisins, sesame sticks, chocolate chips and a rotating variety of anything else depending on what was seasonally available from the bulk food store. Most of the other guys must have been missing their normal dinnertime as well. They often saddled up to me seeking a handful. I wasn’t there to make friends, but sharing seemed natural enough. Thus temporarily I’d be dubbed ‘snack man.’

Sunday evenings before the Disney hour special my folks would have us bring out the air popper and make a big, no make that a huge family sized bowl of popcorn. A pan with butter melted on the stove top with a sprinkling of salt would full stop the preparations. To this day, subconsciously, Sunday evenings I find myself craving popcorn. Growing up I definitely took for granted this access to snacks. In my little world, snacks were as undeniable a right as ‘freedom of speech.’ This source of sustenance just seemed so pertinent and natural. Guests to our home, whether from Taiwan, Japan or from across town almost always presented snacks on arrival. To be continued.