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This One Time With Takoyaki

Panoramic views in the tight narrow streets and back lanes of Tokyo are not usually the attraction for visitors here. A key part of travel and daily life for that matter, is tasting the food. Even if what you’re rocking up to is similar to personal staples, us travelers still want to give various dishes a go. Having a range of taste experiences allows Clipboarder.2016.01.12-013our tasting perspectives to behave with greater strength, confi dence and understanding. Not all that different from our psyche. So following a long night of izakaya hopping, there’s almost always the need for a fi nal snack and nightcap. If you fi nd yourself alone, there should be a nearby conveni to come up on your snack and beverage of choice.

It may seem frightening, Clipboarder.2016.01.12-012yet somehow, there you are, capable to have another round of drinks and snacks
The street savvy urban snacker in Japan has generous options in their reach, depending on hour and area. There is almost never a valid enough excuse not to partake. This night is just another of those vary kind of nights.

Since visiting this restaurant, it has been so long that the only detail available as to the specifi cs of its local is a photo testifying it as within walking distance of Kanda Station in 2009. Today, who knows if they are still in business. That’s ok though. Takoyaki is a Clipboarder.2016.01.12-014beautiful savory balls dish that you can fi nd readily all around Japan and much of South East Asia. Details I can share with you include that “yaki” is derived from the term “yaku” and is a common method of cooking in Japan. Basically, what is described is to fry or grill. You’ve heard it before in any number of dishes. The key ingredients besides a basic batter are chopped up chunks of raw octopus, pickled ginger and green onion. A basic sweet brown sauce and bonito fl akes are used as topping. Variations do exist, and that’s for you to chase. Exactly the reason why a dish is really never the same even if you’ve had it many times before. Takoyaki is always cooked in a special half spherical cast iron griddle. Akashiyaki is said to be the original version also called tamagoyaki. Both are more basic ingredients with sauce on the side. I’ve yet to try this version. Some day, in the Kansai district, I will fi nd and taste the original. Until that day arrives, it will have to be the common versions crossing my lips. Hopefully, after all the beer, shots and who knows what, my taste buds can remember the good stuff.