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As a traveller Part 2

Clipboarder.2015.08.05-006To be this ‘traveler’ is what I wish for everyone. When we become open and fl uid in a sense, we are the space we inhabit. Taking photos of this space is just an extension of the space itself. Someone could write a poem, take a note, make a sketch, pen a song or take a photo either aligned or out of sync. A fl uid traveler practices a zen like activity. Shikoku seems to embody at every turn this kind of ‘traveler.’ As if the space itself is a traveler. I’m boggled by it, and reminded with every changing vista “travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” (Gustave Flaubert)

When we can step away from our homes, those spaces that we believe must be organized and well kept, the opportunity is granted. Defi nitely, I can hear the echo that this is a toucClipboarder.2015.08.06-002h romantic. That statement may come off this way today because of the modern mechanistic nature of our general society in this age. To be fl uid with the environment around us is essentially to acknowledge our role at that point of time in it. Know this, “I must leave it as beautiful as I found it. Nothing must ever happen there that might detract in the slightest from what it now had. I would enjoy it and discover all that was to be found there and learn as time went on that here perhaps was all I ever hope to know.” With this quote, Sigurd Olson really nails the feeling I encounter in Shikoku. Sure, humans live here. And yes, these humans are altering their environment, but these alterations feel poetic, fl uid and in sync.

With that, I feel justifi ed to continue to practice as Lao Tzu says, “A good traveler has no fi xed plans and is not intent on arriving.”