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WWW is about music in Shibuya

Sushi, ramen and shopping galore are only the tip of the Tokyo iceberg. Peel off a couple layers of the lettuce head to partake in the subculture infi nitum. The megalopolis offers something for everyone. Yes, very literally. It is well known that folks in Japan have been working hard to master any art they practice, even that of entertaining. In this segment, I’d like to briefl y cover a fairly recent addition to the entertaining scene as well as open up for the next which will venture into a long standing entertainer.

Now, as anyone can rightly assume, cities are packed with options. The diffi culty arises when you want to go beyond the norm. If you’re not on top of your Kanji game, or have some friends that are knowledgable of the scene, you are likely going to be left sucking down a Starbucks latte & eating mall food court bento. Prepare your feet to hit the streets & ask for help at local music & fashion boutiques. Searching the web doesn’t provide much. You’ve got to dig deep, hike up your shirt sleeves & pretend like you’re panning for those last bits of gold fl akes fl oating around.

WWW Shibuya

One venue of special esteem is WWW Shibuya “a place of expression.” On top of a Shibuya hill, tucked among buildings galore, rats this two year old venue, that’s making tsunami’s in the local music live venue scene. From jazz to metal, the range of sounds is expansive. There’s even a grand piano permanently stationed on hand. It is as they proclaim, a current in setting the trends & educating the people in some amazing acoustics. Once an old school movie theatre, with inclined stadium seating, the view’s of the stage are fantastic even if you’re buried in the rear. The high ceiling & superb sound system are lovingly attuned to sonic perfection for your listening pleasure. I love seeing live musicians perform in locations thoughtfully designed & engineered to bring amazing sound. There is no better way to experience music if you ask me.

So it is a rare opportunity to hear a legend like DJ Krush at a leading establishment in sound space. On a recent foray into Tokyo, my photographer friend Tadamasa Iguchi of In Focus Inc got our crew through the door & front stage without any fuss. Luckily for us he was the photographer shooting this p h e n o m e n a l performance. It’s not to be taken lightly just because he has the letters D & J before his stage name, Hideaki Ishi is one of Japan’s most long standing infl uential DJ/producers to date. Now if you’re not aware of DJ Krush’s extensive 23+ years & 10+ plus discography, it is ok. I plan to talk more about him in a future segment.

For now, with crowd hype, positive untouchable vibes fl owing, spotlights on center stage, shoulder to shoulder with a massive crowd swaying to the sounds bouncing within the walls of WWW, we’re gonna fl oat around this space for a minute. Who’s playing, does it matter? If you are in Shibuya, hold an appreciation for live music in the ideal scenario, stop by WWW, because you’re in for a real treat.


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