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Biggest Ferris wheel in the Chubu Region

Biggest Ferris wheel in the Chubu Region

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 Nagoya Port : Night Lights & Ferris Wheels

Before I jump on a train transporting us to the island of Shikoku, let’s have one last run around Nagoya. We’re going to try and catch a fi nal picturesque sunset, either from a ferris wheel or atop a watch deck. Quick, it’s already well late, grab your ticket for the Meijo purple line and let’s head to Nagoya Port.

If you’re new to this series, never fear, I can get you dialed in straight away. Currently, our visit is to the Chubu region, Japan’s third major international gateway as well as the HQ for Toyota. Situated between Tokyo and Osaka we are in the city of Nagoya. While there, a number of attractions are at your fi ngertips, not least of which is the awesome chicken wings of the izakaya called ‘Yama-chan.’ Today our attention is directed to a spacious redeveloped waterfront area.

A small and relaxing area that remains open and delivers a spacious feel, Nagoya Port has two separate areas. The fi rst is a completely free public area that brings you to the ocean’s edge. Second, there’s a private area with four main attractions. Cost of entry is roughly ¥ 2400 for a day pass. To do a few things, like the ferris wheel, you will need to pay extra depending on how often you want to ride.

Our attractions include the Fuji Antarctic Ship, the Nagoya Maritime Museum, Port Of Na

Night Lights Of Nagoya Port

Night Lights Of Nagoya Port

goya Public Aquarium and the Nagoya Port Building Observation Deck. Each holds its unique calling card. The Maritime museum simply shares the history of maritime commerce in the region. It’s housed with “Fuji,” an icebreaker ship previously used on expeditions to Antarctica. Then you can climb up to about 53 meters in height at the Port Buildings observation deck. Nothing specifi cally stunning, but it does provide an unobstructed view of the entire area. Still in that exploratory mood, I made my way into the aquarium to catch some local fi sh and dolphins. Information here leans toward educating visitors on the value of environmental preservation.

Finally, to capture some romantic night views of the lighting, I boarded the ferris wheel. Fortunately, it wasn’t much of a wait and right about the time of the set

"Fuji" Antarctic Ship

“Fuji” Antarctic Ship

ting sun I found myself rounding. I was with a friend, but if you’re out on your own the caretakers deliver the added service of a giant stuffed animal. So you can snuggle up and still take a cute selfi e. After these good times, we linger about, taking in the crisp fresh ocean air and some last moments of coastal tranquility. I always appreciate a colorfully lit space that doesn’t pretend to be more than it is. Relax for a bit, away from the demands of city life. Enjoy the spectacular view of a sunset at this inviting oceanic minimalist amusement retreat.