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 Near A Castle Or Modern Building Part 1 -Time & space documented-

S ince there is always more on my mind then an orchestra performing a Bach or Mozart production, I am going to follow the lead of my eye that felt compelled to reference a certain story that emanates from particular photos. Spaces and places are infi nite as well as constantly changing here on this earth. Wherever we humans go, that which we carry with us often has the most encompassing impact on our experiences. So, following this instinctive feeling at hand, I am going to mull over the idea of use of space.

Photography tends to be considered as a medium that can document a moment in time and space. Anywhere in the world, the human races seems to be at odds with the idea of private and public space. People are elected or somehow hold power and sway to determine what can be where. From corporations attempting to extract natural resources out of oceans and jungles to families trying to build and maintain a home. Throughout all these are woven those with cameras who either independently or specifi cally for a major media outlet take time to document these on-goings.

Performance at temp

Performance at temp

As our cultural worlds blend and often collide, we can often see reports of confl icts. Maybe the phenomenon can see a fi nger pointing at the gravitational pull of the urban environment. This convergence of people in massive numbers that may not be healthy regardless of the technologies that allows humans to survive in these conditions. Visit one city packed with people and it can feel open, safe and inspiring, while another can feel completely the opposite. Resources do have their limits. When too many animals populate an area, some reaction tends to counter the abundance to recreate some semblance of balance. So, just to have a solid jump off point, let’s place a marker of Japanese urbanization at the Jimmu Emperor’s time. An cultural capital center was set just south of Nara roughly 660 years prior to the proclaimed birth of Christ. Thus it appears that the region currently known in English as Japan has had an extensive period of time to develop cultural mechanisms to function effectively in large urbanized populations.

Now, an idea like public space in a Japanese cultural context could arguably fi ll a number of books,

Back Street Performance

Back Street Performance

probably a library unto itself… so I am defi nitely cutting some major corners to just say that I fi nd it refreshing and inspiring the use of space I have been fortunate enough to witness during my time in Japan. On occasion I would notice small groups, say two to four people, often female, in front of a building. Possibly they’d have music playing, or not, but they would be dancing. It took me quite a while to realize they were taking advantage of the refl ective exterior of the buildings as a mirror of sorts to view themselves practicing their dance moves. It was as if they’d made an open-air studio. Nobody was charging them a fee and security wouldn’t run them off. They’d practice their routine, then part ways.

To be continued.