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Piled High Above The Clouds. A visit to Enoshima

You know how when you’ve got too much piled high on your plate it can be diffi cult to locate that starting point? Well, are you the type to just jam your spoon right in and just stuff a gob in your mouth? If that’s how you roll, you’ll be fi ne, and if it’s the opposite, yea, that’s not a problem either. Found yourself in Tokyo for a couple handfuls of days? At that stage when you’re looking to get out of the megalopolis? Great! The small island of Enoshima beckons. Let’s go! There are a number of factors to consider when booking a day trip or a weekend. Budget and what the heck to occupy your time with are often high in that list. Fortunately for us, Enoshima, a small island of the city called Fujisawa is naturally set to live up to the challenge. First and foremost, the destination beckoned. Together with my photographer friends Kento and Alma set to capture the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji from the beach. Our goal was to catch some sunsetting jaw dropping love lighting the beach, ocean and mountain range. So for most of the day, we fi lled our precious moments exploring. In a single day, you can cover most everything. First up, wandering the paths to view Enoshima Shrine. Guarded within those gates is a wonderful statue dedicated to the patron goddess of the island called Benten. The entrance has moss covered aged statues of dogs on guard. Short red painted bridges, carefully groomed plants and precisely engineered walkways carry you through. Stop for a bowl of fresh noodles along the way, quench your thirst with a drink designed with a label detailed to look like a Daruma doll (founder of Zen Buddhism). Then purchase your entry to Iwaya Caves. Within you can explore ocean tide carved walls that have been adorned with dragon and Buddhist sculptures. Jump over to the botanical ‘Samuel Cocking Garden’ and enjoy the creative beauty of curated nature. Creation is celebrated all around. You can even celebrate the creation of love. Visit ‘Love Bell’ where legend has it that when a couple writes their names on a lock, attaches it to the fence and rings the bell, their love is secured. Pay attention to the time, the sunset goes quick. Those retina burning images last a matter of seconds before sinking into the stillness. This fi shing port also boasts a traditional spa that has these same amazing views from the bathing springs. Enjoy yourself, life is too short. For only 610 yen, you catch a train from Shinjuku to Katase Enoshima Station. It’s about an hour and a half. If you’re planning a day trip, double check the schedule for the last train. We returned late, stopping off at a couple spots because Kento drove his car.