Puffer Fish is in season in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture


Renowned for being the site of the historical duel between the master swordsmen Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki in 1612, Shimonoseki is also famous for its fugu (puffer fi sh). It is said that the eating of fugu was forbidden until Japan’s first Prime Minister, Hirobumi Itoh, had some of the contraband in Shimonoseki and since then, the ban has been lifted! The Hadomari Market in Shimonoseki is the only fugu market in Japan. Here one can witness the unique fukuro zeri – bag-bidding. The bidding is actually conducted in secret, enclosed inside a bag, and hidden from view! Fresh Nigiri-sushi is sold at the Karato Market in the city and everyone (tourists and locals) throng its upper fl oor for a fugu experience and lunchtimes are usually packed out. The fugu season runs through January and February and it is one of the most expensive delicacies in Japan. It is served up as thinly sliced, and exquisitely arranged sashimi, deep fried or in a Shabu-shabu hot-pot.


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